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Elonex one un-boxed, first look review

DoesWhat has just received a brand new Elonex ONE. We’ve been following the progress of this £100 sub-notebook a competitor to the Asus Eee PC among others since our purchase in late February 2008. This laptop has been highly anticipated, because of this, we have recorded a short un-boxing video that has been posted on YouTube and is viewable below.

There has been very little first hand coverage of the Elonex excluding its appearance at a tech show a few months ago. Below is to our knowledge the only un-boxing video of the Elonex ONE (as of August 1st 2008).


The build quality of the ONE is above average. The screen is detachable which means all the components are built in behind the screen, this makes the device extremely top heavy (as you may have gathered from Elonex’s promotional images). The laptop opens upside down (as shown in the video). The keyboard is made up of soft keys as is the mouse. This form of mouse is really unlike any other (and not in a good way), at first use it is almost impossible to use even as an experienced trackpad and ThinkPad nipple user. There is also a mouse on the back of the screen for use in tablet mode. The keyboard buttons are also difficult to use, requiring greater force than a usual keyboard requires. (As you can see, the screen attracts dust even after only a few minutes of use).


At first use this device is extremely underwhelming, it not only feels slow and loads slowly, but is difficult to use. The manual does a reasonable job of explaining the software and basic functions, but even vital information like the removal of the screen from the keyboard is not easy to find, in fact we haven’t found this information yet and are unwilling to remove the screen in case of damage. The screen is quite clear and is the same size as the first edition of the Asus Eee PC (the 701) as they are both make use of a 7 inch LCD. The software on the Elonex resembles that of the Eee.

After only using the Elonex ONE for a few minutes it fails to impress, the real test will be how it withstands long term use, discovering how it handles web browsing, carrying out simple tasks and finding out its battery consumption.

There has been no real surprises and it works exactly how you would presume it does, you cannot expect too much from a device that is just £100 (£110 including delivery). All signs point to this being an excellent first laptop but no more than that.


The Asus Eee PC 900 is pictured left of the Elonex ONE. The Eee costs between 2-3 times as much, but provides 2 inches more of screen real estate and higher specifications.

A full review will be posted within a couple of weeks detailing the Linux operating system, applications and hardware

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