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Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies that will change the world

Scrolling through the tech section of any news site can often make you feel like you are in some futuristic science fiction world where anything is possible. Whether you want to live forever, change the channel with your mind, or simply never have to shop for inanimate objects ever again, it’s all going to be possible and some of it already is.

Anti-aging creams have been around for years and the desire to look younger is almost entirely ageless. From actresses and models to mothers and grandmothers, women have paved the way for an industry of “age-defying” makeups and plastic surgery treatments that can make any part of your body look younger than it is. With the help of science and technology, anti-aging has never looked so good. By using genetic modification, scientists in Japan and Australia have been able to essentially turn the aging process on or off. In some lab rats, they have actually been able to reverse aging, causing degradations in tissue to disappear and literally turn back the clock.


When the punks of the late 70’s were putting piercings in places people couldn’t imagine, little did they know that they were giving us a preview of things to come. Instead of tiny studs or rings, implants are essentially piercings using computer chips instead. Whether it’s a magnet placed inside of your earlobe or a tracking chip into your child’s arm, implants are increasing in popularity and technology. With contact lenses that can display information, we are only steps away from an implant that simply displays statistics directly into your eyeball, giving you a digital dashboard for the world you see. Scientists are even working on radio chips that are installed into your brain stem, allowing you to control radio devices with your mind, including televisions, cell phones, and cars.


Tired of paying for all of that stuff in your house? Kitchen utensils, dishware, tools, and furniture can sure be expensive. Furnishing a new home or simply trying to fill your first apartment can take quite a chunk out of your income. Imagine if you could simply download all of those things the same way you might download a song on your phone. With the acceleration in technology around 3D printers, this is actually something you could do today. As time goes on, costs are expected to go down and it’s something we are already seeing with smaller versions of these 3D beasts. Some companies aren’t waiting around, though, and have already developed printers that can literally make you a coffee table, chairs, or anything else your imagination can come up with. After your initial machine purchase, you’ll never have to buy furniture again. Don’t like your sofa anymore, use it for materials and make a new one. The possibilities are endless.

With all of the advancements, it’s no wonder that the future of technology is already here and growing exponentially. If you want to be a part of it, just imagine your wildest desire and use technology to make it come true!

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