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It always becomes challenging when one decides to purchase the Best Pet Vacuum cleaner. This challenge arises when one is not well informed of the vacuums which will best suit his cleaning needs. It’s normal for you to be challenged due to the large variety. Vacuum cleaners will come with different sizes, shapes, price and varying features. But don’t worry because from now you won’t just walk into a shop and purchase the first one you see. Here are the 5 different types of vacuum cleaners suitable for every home.


Upright vacuum cleaner

This vacuum is popular due to its ability to use it while standing. You do all your cleaning while standing. It features different designs from which you can choose from. This vacuum brush bar comes has the ability to remove dirt from hard to reach places hence appropriate for carpets and rug cleaning. You might choose this as your option but also take time and compare it with the other vacuum cleaners.


Canister vacuum cleaner

These vacuums don’t varry much from the upright vacuums. The mobility feature is the added feature. For these reasons, canister vacuums are convenient for carrying around the house when cleaning. In addition, it also possible to move it under furniture and other lower places where the upright vacuum can’t reach. They will also save your space as they are small in size. Appropriate for cleaning walls, couches and dusty corners too.


Robot vacuum cleaner

This is an automated cleaner which cleans your house while moving. They will save your effort and time. You won’t have to worry that your house will be disorganized. This because it will come with sensors fitted on it. It will automatically detect any furniture within your house. Due to it, its high tech nature will be expensive than most of the vacuums.


Handheld Vacuum cleaner

This vacuum has handles to be held on the hand when cleaning. Due to its handheld feature, it has multiples uses which may include.


  • Cleaning car seats and other parts inside the car


  • Cleaning pet hair


  • Removing cobwebs from your house


  • Appropriate also for cleaning spills


Because of its simple nature, it is usually very cheap. With $50 you can get yourself a single piece.


Stick vacuum cleaner

Each vacuum cleaner comes with a different set of cleaning capabilities. The stick vacuum is a lightweight cleaner appropriate your basic house cleaning. Its name is drawn from its handle which has a stick design. These vacuums work perfectly on bare floors, carpets, and even rugs. They will normally vary in prices depending on your cleaning needs but not that much expensive.

As you have seen vacuum cleaner will be of different types with different cleaning capabilities. Now you won’t just walk into a shop and pick a vacuum just because its appealing in your eyes. Depending on your budget and your cleaning needs you will be in a position of choosing the one which best suits you. You are an informed customer who will be able to make choice between the many brands of vacuums available.

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