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SEO Basics — About Meta Descriptions by Vadym Kevin Zyabkin

What Is A Meta Description?

A Meta Description refers to an HTML attribute that tells more about your page — straight from the Search Engine Result Pages. To mean, it’s a short text (snippet) that briefly elaborates on the content on your website. The snippet is purposefully there to hint users about the nature of content within your website. As a result, it is likely to boost user click-through rates, but only if it’s a compelling one.

Meta descriptions are often concise. Earlier on, they could only be a maximum of 160 characters. However, Popular sites like MO announced that it would start displaying up to 275 characters from 2017 onwards.

What Is Its Significance On SEO?

A meta description is the first content a user is exposed to when s/he meets your website on the SERPs. Their presence on SERPs is vital for your content advertising efforts. They also help the searcher to decide whether or not the content is what they were looking for. If they turn out important (with regard to their non-spammy, natural, and concise nature), more users will visit your website. This means more CTR (Click Through Rate) for you.

While Google doesn’t use meta descriptions to rank your pages, it uses CTR, which can, in turn, be promoted by a quality Meta Description. I hope you get the sense.

How To Make A Compelling Meta Description

The first step is making a compelling ad copy with the right keywords. Keywords are often emboldened in Meta Descriptions, so you have to choose sensitive keywords that will match most search words in your niche. They will catch searchers’ attention, hence increase your CTR. You already know that CTR helps you rank higher.

You should also make sure that your meta descriptions are relevant to your content. Each content should be described by its own meta description. Using the same meta description for the whole website is a bad idea.

Add CTA phrases like “discover more” and “find out more” to compel the user to click on the link and read more.

There are other tips like adding keywords, making the description content unique, using snippets, and myriads of others.

The Bottom Line

Meta Descriptions boosts SEO, though indirectly. If you want to use them for ranking higher on SERPs, you have to create high-quality, compelling ones that do not look spammy.

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